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4201 W. Hollow Creek Dr., Peoria, IL 61615 


Experienced programmer with a strong skill set in PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, AWS Suite, and server administration 

Work Experience: 
Software Engineer, GoodJava, Inc., Morton, IL (May 2022 – March 2024) 

  • Developed, built, and deployed applications to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store 

  • Successfully built, updated, and distributed applications to iOS through the Microsoft App Center for a client in the medical industry 

  • Maintained databases which over sought critical functions for the medical and marketing industries 

  • Developed and maintained front-end services for various industries 

  • Managed Google Analytics integration for a client in the medical industry 

  • Refactored portions of the codebase and file system for clients in multiple industries 

  • Successfully integrated payment processors for clients in the agriculture and marketing industries 

  • Created and implemented strategies for developing a testing suite for various clients 

  • Created essential tasks and procedures that successfully ran server-side operations at a designated timeframe 

  • Ran monthly server maintenance for clients in various industries 

  • Oversaw the growth and development of interns through a myriad of successful projects 

  • Enhanced knowledge of programming languages, including JavaScript, PHP, and mySQL 

Technology Counselor, Emagination Tech Camps, Lake Forest, IL (June 2019 – August 2021) 

  • Developed coding and critical thinking skills in students from ages 8-17  

  • Expanded knowledge of game design through observation of students as they developed games  

  • Improved game design and coding skills through instructed teachings  

  • Coordinated colorful activities involving teams and expanded students' horizons throughout 

Bradley University, (May 2022) 
Bachelor of Science in Game Design (In Residency), Peoria, IL  
Minor in Computer Information Systems 
Minor in Marketing 

Coding Languages: 

  • PHP 

  • JavaScript 

  • mySQL 

  • C# 

  • C++ 

  • Java 

Server-side Tools: 

  • AWS EC2 

  • AWS Lightsail 

  • AWS S3 

  • AWS Secret’s Manager 

  • AWS IAM 

  • Bash 

  • Bash Scripting 

  • Crontab 

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